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Oct 10, 2019

I am a Pranayam, a person who practices a Vedic method of gaining a more conscious connection to the cessation, inhalation, retention and exhalation of breath. I have found that my ability to train at the more advanced levels of Submission Fighting through striking and grappling requires greater focus on a consistent diet, internal and external health that is peerless. It has taken some time and plenty of assistance.... but I am making progress.

Yesterday while doing a yoga routine similar to what Professor Kron Gracie performs in this video, I was measuring my BPM. It was at 38 BPM. This is called Bradycardia. It could be dangerous if it causes a lack of blood being ent to parts of the body. But I did not experience any adverse symptoms. In fact I felt very vibrant and aware of everything around me but is a mentally, physically and emotionally detached manner.

Lately, this state of being has been experienced when I train for conditioning and spar in boxing and grappling. It is as if I am improving performance by going into a conscious dream state which focuses on seeing movements in my mind. It begins with syncing breathing with intent. Then feeling the effect of the movement and deepening breath and focus until I can almost see myself doing the work but from a distance.

It does not mean that I perform the movements correctly or dominate my partner all the time. But rather that I can see myself in the now as a developing being in these practices. I accept that I will and do have weaknesses in performances when compared to others but that I am improving. Moreover, not to challenge those deficiencies but to watch them change into enhanced cognitive, kinetic and affect behaviors. In real terms it means I assume the best defensive behaviors and strategies that allow for performing my best and being in a position to allow my partner to do the same.

I am looking forward to see where this level of skill and state of being takes me. I have read about it and of course desired to experience it. Will I grow stronger through this path? Will the state of being deepen or ebb away? Will it make me a better competitor? Is the way I have come to this state of being reachable for others through the Temple Underground program?

I will post in comments the postures I was practicing when I observed my heart beat. It was through an Apple Watch app. I was performing assisted yoga with my medicine ball. I was using the 1:4:2 ratio breathing in each posture. I have practiced breathing yoga, intensely, since 2010. It has only been in 2019 that the most impressive results occurred it is seemed to have happened when I began studying BJJ under Prof. Samuel GB Braga.

He did it reach me better breathing. What he does is motivate me to believe I can perform as well as men and women 20-30-40 years my junior in training. He respects and protects my senior age but not in a relegating fashion. He allows for me to search and practice anything I must to achieve the competitive goals he sets for me. In the last ten months I have reached a physical weight of 175lbs coming down from 200lbs a year ago. I have less than 10% body fat. I have won an IBJJF Bluebelt Championship medal in the Masters Absolute Division.

According to masters of the Gracie Family way a person of my age should not expect they can match a much younger practitioner even if they lack skill in years. In most cases the strength and speed and stamina necessary to do so just is not there. I have found that is just not the case for me. Size does not seem to make a huge difference. Does and strength do not make a huge difference. Only skill seems to make a difference and as mine grows age is irrelevant. This I believe is due to my health regimens.

Health wise I have done this by seeking and following Western and Eastern physician advise and direction, while continuing and increasing my athletic pursuits. My diabetes and hypertension symptoms are abated. Injuries as a competitive combat sport athlete are constant. They are part of the game. I use the right stuff to mitigate the effects. I stay functional and train up to four hours six days a week. That’s 30-36 hours a week. A minimum of 120 hours a month. 1440 hours of training a year.

I am a 60 year old, retired US Army Ranger with disabilities. I use the methods of this book:

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