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Dec 16, 2021

When I owned and ran Angel’s Gym in 2010 I used this song on the background. At the time I inherently knew that Martial Science becomes art when it’s most difficult methods become aesthetic. I later heard from Grandmaster and Professor about the issue: He said that what makes Jiu Jitsu and art is that the execution is beautiful to perform and to observe.

The “Sun is Shining” song is a remake of Bob Marley’s work. He was all about Revolution and evolution of modal behavior in the sense that intercultural relations should embrace diversity. In our school diversity is Ming!!!

Kalunga Engolo Jujizu is the Change Energy Instrument of the Storm. In the book, Bardos of Jujizu, we work hard to have our inner Sun always Shining. We have a foundation of Taijiquan and Yoga. Although the Temple Underground Internal Boxing Gym is thought of as a place to work out…. In reality it is a School of Martial Energetics. The martial methods executed in this video is Taijiquan and Yoga applied.

It is my desire to share and open the ways of the Jujizu of the Black Walker at the Temple!!! We have helped people from foreign countries before. We are prepared to do so again in our 7200 Sqft Facility. There are a lot of so called Masters of Internal Boxing that can not do the things seen in this video. You can learn how with us. Pleas come!

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