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May 11, 2021

We definitely hear what Rickson Gracie talks about when asked the question how does Brazilian culture influence the Japanese martial art of Jiu Jitsu... as he perceives differences? He said he sees the differences comparable to night and day. Being graduate school trained in those differences his viewpoint resonated with me.

Japan is a heavily populated area for the size of the land mass. The people are bellicose to the point of self destruction. They are xenomorphic. They have developed a lethal arsenal of martial methods to the point that if they did not conform to a standard of respectful comportment to each other and after WW2 the world, they would self destruct. In Japan anyone could have the skill to kill so it would behoove ya ta think twice before acting out. Brazil, he says, there is only respect in the proving of ability to dominate each other.

So they have developed an art that is always ready to fight, at all times. I do not know how the art fairs against an equal with a weapon. To my knowledge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu does not have a formal or informal edged or blunt force weapon discipline. My knowledge of weapons usage is that one has a tool that extends range when one has mastered its usage. I do know that in Japan it is important and perhaps common for martial arts professionals to have armed and unarmed skill. As far as back to the early 20th century videos demos to the West show proof that Kendo and Jiu Jitsu were trained together.

Why don’t we do this in the West?

Well the Afro Cultures of the West throw hands, roll and stick. It is the Bantu Way coming from the fighting methods of Engolo Angola Kalinda. Professor Rondel Benjamin practices this way. It is different than how I stick and bang. In fact my way of sticking and throwing hands is different than the Asian way. But the idea of ritual and function is the same. One must be “about that life” to the extent that modal behavior is enhanced to a high degree.

This brings me to my point. Most people on the planet are undisciplined in the martial ways I am discussing. Add to it the energetic longevity methods of diet, meditation and internal alchemy exercises and the number of uninitiated swell to unbelievable ratio portions. What we do gives the power to dominate most people... period. I am evidence that ya can do it until old age... and beyond. But ya have to be willing to take pain, invest in loss and raise the game of dedication to the point of it being ones life to train as often as possible ... every day... to the extremes of modal behavior and recenter, recover and evaluate.

What does this mean?

Traumatized body, mind and emotions must be embraced and overcome. The recovery does not mean you will look the same as when ya started your ears, nose, skin, joints and even spine will be disfigured. How can you perform with superhuman ability and look like an ordinary human being. This is especially true if you have great skill in your older years.

You will be a mutant. Moreover, you must welcome the mutations. My elbows and knees, arms and hands, rib cage and spine are misshapen. My heart is even misshapen to push out blood more than normal. Yes I must train like a mad man ... door to five hours of continuous intense work. I must have all the internal and external herbs and potions and elixirs of the esoteric kind to do what I do. How else would I be considered competent in the esoteric? What one preaches one must be able to perform in the extreme and be able to come back from it not the same.... but changed.

This is the message to all of you who are concerned with damaged body parts. You must be willing to change and moreover, take the pain and injury as part of the price and if ya keep to it the new weapons you develop that are part of the craft. Even the bipolar emotions and nigh autistic that exclude the ability to communicate with most people. These are the behaviors of a warrior. One must be able to be extremely calm and at a moments notice became savage. One must be obsessed with perfecting a craft that heals and kills by example. Who else could you connect to but to those you are sworn to defend and those who do what you do?

Don’t get me wrong. I respect those that do what we do as a hobby. Hell I own a place that from time to time have such people come and train. In a small way I can connect and respect these peeps. But of course they will not get my full attention. It’s why I had to add a health store to the business plan. My students train me. I give the worthy ... which are all who endure hours of pain and misery with a smile and a “give me more attitude” of a Ranger... everything I got. I empty myself into them. Why?

If they know what I know they can kick my ass. One can only grow from looking for, finding, giving, taking, getting up from and as I am learning teaching how to give, take, look for and get up from .. ASSWHUPPINS!!!

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