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Apr 14, 2020

Warrior Cave Gi Drilling Work

We begin slow. A show of faith to each other that if we hit each step... with precision, with timing and leverage... we will allow the other to complete their intended goal. Sometimes it’s just a takedown. Sometimes it’s a pull to guard to set up a submission. Sometimes it’s Guard pull to sweep. Sometimes just. Sweep from guard.

Sometimes it’s just allowing oneself to get in a bad position and work out of it. But if it is not done with skill over strength.... if there is force on force and not leverage to get. Dominant or submission threatening position ya break the rules. You must a step you are countered in this drill of flowing from one posture to the other. Nine mins of work for this drill. Six sets of nine to 11 mins.

The old guy has gotten smaller. He has gotten leaner and meaner. The young man has grown almost his equal in size and three times that in physical power. Only hard work helps him keep the youthful but patient pace. They both have already had a workout training clients. After this round the old guy will perform resistance training for 108 seconds.

After this round he does each session more tired than his partner. Lots of foundation in this first clip. Enjoy and comment.

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