Aug 26, 2023

This is a great set of striking and grappling. Big John is a problem for me. He still has a problem with hands being structured poorly. Rear hand too low. But he can jab you into nothingness and move well enough that one can only attack to defend …. At least with my current skill set for a man his size.

If it was a striking only match I would either have to try to stop him cold which means hitting with bad intent … or get touched up real bad beciase he knows how to keep distance and be effective. But it’s a Vale Tudo Jiu Jitsu session. Even though I and he can hit we must never be out of control …. Yes we hit each other to survive, to cause some pain… but not to injure.

Even though… this is not the gentle way that we are practicing. This is he warrior way. Staying in control of self from a dominant position is what we are practicing … Jujutsu. To be honest my Stident could take me if he got very serious and I was off my game. His size and strength is enormous in dynamic compared to my own. And This is the problem. How to be more controlled of self because deep in my mind I know what he can do and it’s frightening. I believe he triggered me several times in this set. And when I am scared I attack.

Indeed he was the teacher in this one. Even though the sets ended with me in dominant positions I failed to meet standard in these sets. He was able to exhaust me. He forced my pace. He made me lose control of my striking force. He brought out the Black Walker!!! So I need a lot more time in meditation!!!

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