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Nov 22, 2021

In 2013 after doing post grad work in Sports Psychology I began applying my theory on stilling and moving meditation at the Des Moines YMCA facilities. As a wellness coach and trainer of Taijiquan, Yoga and Cycling I found students for case studies wherein I would create a process to test the theory. I of course was one case study out of 6.

Everything was videoed for posterity. I used the process to swim across a lake and then right after do a full intense work out without being out o breath or tired. I training people in the process as a group of 9-12. I trained them individually. One of the most spectacular results through the Taijiquan individual case study was a man with severe cerebral palsy shakes …. Could with a series of breaths stop them with mindful attention.

Next I would apply the process further developed for an MMA Fighter. He has been injured and out for a year. He was known as a striker but those skills had potential yet no development towards sophistication. He was taught the process. He won two Championships in less than four months. Both were by technical knock outs. Both caught on video. No exhaustion or fatigue shown in the frenetic pace of both bouts.

Next would be my son in boxing and BJJ. He is caught on fin doing things of a superhuman exploits. He does them to his peers in age and size. He does them to his superiors in size and skill. He does them to adults in competition and in the gym. He became a FUJI National Champion using the process.

An aging professional boxer was the next to use the process. He was a severe underdog in a match against a fighter blind for a Top Rank Boxing contract. He destroyed this fighter using the process that by now has been developed into a conscious flow state ability. Victor Hothi helped me perfect it. I would later use the process to win IBJJF Pan American Championship Titles in their Masters Division and to take Silver at the Master World Championship. We would come to call the Flow State a Bantu term: Wanga and the discipline Jujizu.

The latest display of Jujizu Wanga comes at the 2021 FUJI Nationals with Cary Stew Steward being awarded his Blue Belt. The purpose of this post is to announce the Temple Underground Performance Program for Master Division Combat Sport Athletes. We are a 7500 soft facility. We can house our athletes for training camps. We have all the equipment to train the martial and the energetic and to teach how to reach a conscious flow state.

Temple Underground Internal Boxing Gym

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