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Mar 23, 2020

The Gracies May be seen as over hyping their methods and skills, but one thing is for sure.... they know how to train for real deal competition. Grandmaster Rickson says you train for the invisible power and you train for combat as much as possible. The Twins put out that there are three distance situations ya gotta work at. They code them. Green for he can’t touch me I can’t touch him. Red we can touch each other and blue I can touch him more and better than he can touch me.

When striking is involved we must put action to the response of distances we can or can not control. In a violent situation one can really only control oneself. If we do everything seems to work out.... so long as we train for it. This is our training.

Our striking is tailored to accompany and facilitate our grappling. Conditioning is mental, physical ens emotional. Taijiquan principles that allow for one to follow, link, adhere, stick so as to never release or resist leads the opponent into emptiness are typified. When in green zone we shadow box. When in red zone we lateral jab and pivot to his weak side so as to hook the pressuring opponent into a trap of counters. When in the blue zone we turn pivot lateral and strike with combination forces that rock out opponent enough to knock him down or take him down and finish.

Conditioning wise? Well we do nine mins straight. They are divided into 54 punch offenses, 54 Evasive defenses with only the jab and body shots and 54 everything goes sections. This is done after we do about an hour of rolling and smalball mace conditioning. Prior to that we do energetic work that includes running for 40 mins to and hour .....sticking is a part of this.

Our goal is to be consummate professional in skill. To be Titans in battle. And unforgiving in training....

This is our way!!!!

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