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Oct 3, 2020

Temple Underground is a place where striking and grappling is a venue to exact the powers of stilling and moving meditation. Becoming competent in breath control, structural manipulation and transitional movement is the foundation for a flow state. When perfected and we apply these competences in a stressful or nigh-impossible situation ... we enter a flowstate. Modal behavior is enhanced in such a state of being. The body produces five neurological chemicals when in this state all at the same time:

1. Dopamine... Cocaine- improves Pattern Recognition

2. Norepinephrine... Speed- bones focus of data recognition

3. Anandamide... LSD- accelerated lateral thinking

4. Endorphins... Heroine - modulates stress levels to keep you calm

5. Serotonin... Opioid - makes you go into bliss mode after the event.... it makes you high and keeps you there after the event.

Regular conscious triggering of these states changes your mentality, physicality and emotionality. You become... more!!! This change is transferable to all facets of life beyond the work in the gym. And it all begins with control of the great beast of breath.

Control breath and control life.... everything on the breath... and we rise!!!

This is what the Temple Underground is all about!!!!!

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