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Jun 29, 2021

Stew Cary Stew Steward a recent Champ for a Grappling Industries tournament. He is about to test for his Bluebelt in six months. We do the Yoga and Burpees between nine min rounds then we drill with the last part being a roll. He is going big and strong with some pounds on me so he is good training for me to roll with for those reasons. I am good for him because he gets to feel higher level skills and it motivates him to work hard. He does work hard and has a great heart being a consummate family man. Big ups for him.

He learns to transition into postures of control snd positions of submission. This is for the drill. For there’ll he learns to survive as he applies these learned tasks. My job is to work on my prime directive….. pressure in all positions on top or bottom of guard, standing or 50/50, mounted front or back. If he taps he taps to pressure but I do not go for the submission until he is worn down. Transitions from posture to posture must begin continue and end with a connection that builds the pressure.

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