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Jul 10, 2021

Pugilistic Submission Fighting

There are several professors who have reviewed my thoughts and demonstrations of competence in this area of martial discipline. So I feel I can comment on recent posts about fusing striking with grappling in Submission disciplines. To our the bottom line up front. High level unarmed striking and grappling require a lot of work individually and combined to be considered effective. Conditioning alone is daunting. Submission fighters are lethal as are MMA Strikers because they train for something most peeps won’t even consider….. pain!!!

Most BJJ schools would not have many clients if they went the way of Vale Tudo. It I feel that the martial side of my profession requires the confidence necessary to deal with a striking and grappling unarmed threat. I let my students of grappling know this and accept it. Why? Because it’s the truth….. ones Jiu a Jitsu ain’t much if it ain’t regularly tested and cultivated in a striking situation. My submission grappling skills are literally multiplied when I train in a striking situation.

It has always been a goal to fuse striking and Grappling together as a curriculum at the highest levels. Even in most Combat sport gyms one is emphasized over the others. I realized that they both most have a high level of importance… so much so that in order to do them correctly in fusion three things must happen:

Classic Pugilistic Discipline (Inside Work)
Classic Submission Discipline
HIIT Regimen Conditioning

I had trained strikers to be very able to defend themselves against grapplers. They did well and a few, well most of them won championships. Still they did not have offensive weapons in submission grappling. So… I led by example. I trained in classic styles of Boxing and BJJ under USA Boxing, Goodfight Sub Only and IBJJF Standards of competence. I trained individuals to construct a valid curriculum … over a decade and some years I was ablle to produce a few books on the subject and finally I have something.

Gracie Barra in Brazil recruit and train Favela students because they are the best in Vale Tudo. I have often wondered if this is still Jiu Jitsu. Well striking and grappling is a part of JapaneseJiu Jitsu. So it must be cool. The issue is if the systems in Brazil and Japan are pugilistic. This means are they competent as a system that teaches one to give and take punishment through grappling and striking without suffering significant damage that impedes function.

I know that the Japanese Jiu Jitsu taught to me by Furman Johnson a senior student of Dr Moses Powell was a pugilistic system of grappling and striking. I have seen videos of CArlson Gracie’s Vale Tudo classes and they are indeed pugilistic. I have heard Professor Eddie Bravo say that it is not unusual for serious BJJ practitioners to take the gi’s off and grapple while slapping. I believe he called it Taparia!!! I think I know the key word here as I have experienced it as a student, trainer and scholar:


Only a serious student learns to be a Pugilistic Submission adept. Striking is a high risk thing against a competent submission fighter standing or prone. Grappling is a high risk thing against a striker in differing situations but the main one is if he or she can not get the person to the ground and keep them there. Before I became very competent in submission grappling I knew there needed to be a serious dynamic of striking skill in the grapplers that faced my fighters. My fighters knew how to get out of bad situations and were conditioned to do so to wear down their grappling advisories. Then they would surprise them with specific submissions that were few but very well drilled. But that was not enough for me …. I wanted a program that made strikers into submission fiends!!! First I had to become one and go through all the pitfalls. Then I could create a program for those willing to go through the pugilistic process.

I am 61 in this video. My partner is in his early 20’s. I have the last vid to show you that he is an excellent boxer. He is 2 year trained grappler but knows enough to be stay with Blue Belts. The difference is when he tried to put them all together. He is the one who clinched first. The classic boxing does this. Our way is beat them down. To beat them so terrible that the only defense is to try to take us down. And that is where the most competent of us are…. You see we are great on the ground and prefer to end the fight on the ground. But one would never feel this in the cage. Equal competence in striking and grappling is rare. This is especially true in the defensive movement and takedowns that give us side or Mount control.

My point again is that Jiu Jitsu should be taught with competent instructors in Boxing and Grappling. If they claim to be complete self defense systems then they must have weapons standards as a part of their curriculum. This is not to say that unarmed combat is not effective. It is but to a point that may not be enough to help you survive. I would say this. In most situations of close quarters combat superior unarmed combat grappling might suffice. This is upped with a competent fusion of striking. Non lethal blunt edged weapons and lethal edged weapons are next. A firearm coupled with them all make you personally safe and others with ya if your train then regularly.

High level BJJ practitioners could probably Imanari roll a boxer and cripple them. Hell a strong blue or purple belt would be lethal to lost peeps. Multiple person attacks are different and in some cases common against a trained person.

Train accordingly!!!!

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