Gordon Ryan Thinks Combat Sambo is Better Suited to MMA Than BJJ

Jan 2, 2023

Of course he is right if the BJJ is not Vale Tudo tested…. Then molded to a curriculum that involves the mixing of striking and grappling like Kalunga Engolo Jujizu…. At the very high levels of skill… on the ground …. And in clinching only the most sophisticated head, shoulder, hip and knees are not easily countered by grappling and are setups for takedowns and transitions to submissions and superior dominant positions…. For the most part as is seen in Combat Jiu Jitsu, where ground striking does it take place until the fight is on the ground, MMA fighters who are highly skilled in striking and lesser equally skilled in submission grappling… get their ass whipped by transitioning submission attacks and counters …. So much they hardly get a chance to strike and when then do it most times gets them into trouble because it gives too much space and unbalanced movements

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