What Separates Gordon Ryan from Everyone Else

Sep 21, 2022

Kaizan is only a word … what are the methods that improve physicality, technicality and tacticality?

1. Actualizing desire, discipline and diligence
2. Weaponizing focused attention, object monitoring and self talk
3. Applying 1 and 2 in Drilling, Micro Drilling and Conditioning which must be second to none but custom fitted to augment your style
4. Ensure the tactical plan is survival over winning to gain victory!!! The process is based on getting them to try to bend the steel of your mind, body and emotional focus (spirit) as many times as they can, while after they do you transition to another form of steel. This makes them commit the vices of over extending, over tending and over exerting causing them to not monitor their breath, structure and movement.

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