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Apr 9, 2020

“In spanish there is a saying mas sabe el diablo por Viejo que por diablo. The devil knows more because he is aged than because he is the devil. Some skills only develop through trial by fire.”

Jose A. Esquea

The lesson...

Pummel and be Pummeled ... so move
Smash and be Smashed... so feel
Crush and be Crushed... so think
Choke and be Choked... so breathe
Break and be Broken... so smile

There is good reason for you all to big my books and study my videos. The ancient ways I use in the martial and the energetic skills seen in this video helped me survive the virus engulfing this planet. This is a savage depiction of pugilistic training. Fighting from without and within is a savage and vicious act of survival. I have learned as a graduate from the famed JFK Warfare SERE Instructor Course that survival is learned and not solely a thing of natural ability. Indeed it is the belief in ones nature which can lead to ones downfall.

When one realizes this and builds on it they create a dynamic between them and those who do not walk such a path. They become what I am working on becoming with consistency: O Fera Sinatra... the Sinister Beast. Funny that one can only be such an elemental force through submission. Submission.... true submission comes from getting, getting up from, looking for and giving asswhuppins. Humility is borne from this. It is the only way it can be. Any one telling you different is a fool or a con person.

Humility is only found through such training as you see in this video. This is kung fu in process... hard work to achieve skill. The more lethal the skill the more humbling the training to possess it. This is what it means to invest in loss. Loss of peeps who are in the way of your goal. Loss of thoughts emotions and physicality’s that exist as obstacles. Loss of inner demons or angels who talk too much on your shoulders and disconnect you from the great Ohm!!!! Loss until you are light enough to rise with memories of the experiences to have nothing left but compassion for those yet to arrive where you have struggled to be.

To such peeps you would seem to be a demon. A thing that knows what they are thinking before they realize it. Predict what they will do. Withstand what they do to you. Looked for they can not find ya. Listened for they can not hear you. Searched for they can not touch you. In such a safe place observing such behaviors only contempt can be felt for the arrogant challenger and compassion enough not to harm them any more than necessary for them to realize the truth ... not yours but their own. This is a warriors hard love.... a warriors compassion....

Compassion gained only after decades of enduring it. Mastery found only when one can abandon the power of it to learn something new wherein they will be in the caste of the beginner. I endure this now as a student of the Fossa Method created by Professor Samuel Braga.

After winning Gold and silver medals and fighting for over 30 mins before being defeated over and by younger stronger and more skilled opponents I have it all up to learn a pure way in which the Professor graciously allowed me to enter his coveted halls of instruction. The first year was harsh even as I won Gold medals for him. I lost a lot too in competition, in physical power and in ego. He and his champions broke me down to the point where I am now: Ranked 14th in the world in my IBJJF weight and age division.

Temple Underground Internal Boxing Gym was and can be a very brutal place to learn the craft of martial energetics. It comes from the mantra credo where the crux of the craft was born: The Mind is the Greatest, the Herat the Greatest Shield.

Angel’s Gym spawned the book that describes what was later to be learned Ia an old adage... Invest in Loss!!! The book Western Tai Chi Ch’uan attempt to capture the essence of that philosophy and graphically through prose and illustration to present it to the community. The book was introduced by the article from an article from Jade Dragon Series. This idea was expanded and cultivated in the introductory prose presented by the PROMMANOW article for the MMA community of Tennessee after we produced a Valor Heavyweight Champion where energetic breathing was the emphasis and before that in Cooks Ding Kitchen article, “Taiji Boxing”. These articles introduce the book, Western Long Boxing which was the doctrinal foundation for the rebirth of Angel’s Gym named now the Temple Underground.

This video shows work that actually is less brutal than what occurred in Angels Gym. We broke each other down. But the essence was not in the doing of that. It was from the surviving and coming back stronger. Creating a defense that was savage in pressuring movement and intimidating in resilience to incoming force. In this way our offense can be calculating in delivery and deliberate in the speed that it is carried out.

I was 58 years old in this video and about 195lbs. One student is 150lbs and 20 years old. The next is 250lbs and 17 years old and the last is 170lbs and the same age. The defense offense theory applied worse than out and when possible the skills took them out. But they got back up. Now that is where the power truely is.... they could not be stopped. This is the martial essence of what we do.

We now are led by the great submission lessons of World Champion Professor Samuel Braga. Our Pugilism has grown immensely because of it. We focus on official Boxing and BJJ competition skills guided by our weapons drilling work. We are in for the long haul and we are developing drilling in striking and grappling to reinforce that development to excellence. Martially the results are obviously successful. Energetically they take the ancient treatise work presented in the book Western Long Boxing to contemporary scrutiny and peer review..... and are coming out amazingly effective ... albeit out of reach for most people.


The ancient ways were never meant for everyone to benefit from. They are for a select few whose modal behaviors are ready to be evolved to the avatar stage of being. They are for those who wish to be peerless and rid of the limitations that burden them ... to prepare them for a bodiless and formless state. There are several disciplines that get ya there. At the Temple Underground we help peeps of a savage nature to gather that essence into a refined energy form and cultivate that form into a vitality which in time will make one nigh peerless.

Training this way breeds humility. Continuing the training leads to a compassion that can best be described in the Japanese phrase taught to me by my friend Shelly Mowat: ... no saya utchi du katsu..... the unsheathed blade wins the day!!!!!

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