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Dec 16, 2020

I will cloak my targeted being like a blanket. That being said, I will move to feel comfortable and safe ... like the holes at the edges of the covering allowing cold air to touch my skin… allowing the cool fresh air to lubricator my nostrils, I set the holes that allow me to continuously breath. I choose the position as the being believes they are trying to attack when they should be trying to defend themselves ... from their intent to offensively control. Like the characters of Will Graham and Hannibal Lector..... This is my design!!!

When they are physically daunted .... mentally stunted ... and emotionally frayed ... I will strike. He will try to crush me. He will try to run around me. He will try to envelope me by breaking structure. He will try to create space to evade me. This is by my design!!!

Old guys are known for their linking and sticking power. I consider this hardness as it requires bone and muscular power. I wish to cultivate softness. This is the power to follow and adhere to counter the advancing path of incoming force. In offense and defense there is a little bit of yang and yin and a little bit of yin and yang. A Little hard on soft and a little soft on the hard. When I work I make an effort to cultivate this skill. When I am able to do this without effort I am competent. Moreover I am capable enhancing my modal behavior martially and civilly. This is by my design.

I love to spin on the ground with my opponent over me. I have learned to rock when I spin using the open guard situation drill format. I have learned to roll when I spin and rock. It is in this aspect of open guard I can defend well and set up in expecting attacks. If I do not rock, roll and spin in a flowing ever shifting rhythm my movement will be controlled. If I do it ... well... I become a river, bending and curling and shifting and flowing with forces that may know exactly where and why I am moving but not knowing how or what I am doing to do so.... This is my design!!!

There is power here. The power to elude. The power to thread postures composed of tension and relaxation. The power to negate most incoming forces..... the power to heal and strengthen .... Great power!!! This is my design.
I have become smaller and stronger. This meme annotates the evolution of my practice from a normal primal expression of practice to a more elegant yet lethal approach. The primal is not lost anymore than the sophistication is found in the effort to evolve modal behavior through martial energetics. This is my design.

For me it’s the elemental power of three obvious animals. The Ape controls. The Python constricts. The Spider connects through transitions that are triggered anytime force is issued by the targeted being. The mongoose/Badger is the secret animal force. Kinda like the Lion/Bear combo. Very potent. But this is a style for those who are naturally lacking the physical powers of overt strength. Joints, tendons and ligaments threaded by fascia are the weapons of choice and design in conditioning and confrontation. All is energized by a hyper control of the breath.

The success and failure in the effort of enhancing mental, physical or emotional power ..... This is all by my design!!!

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