May 15, 2023

I was being shown some subtleties in sweeping last week. The idea of core strength kept popping in my head. The advantages of having superior core strength, speed and endurance of type 2 muscle groups… tendons and ligaments … necks that can hold your weight and another’s…. Limbs that require full strength to bend and a torso that can still hold structure even when twice it’s body weight is upon it…. Breath is uninterrupted or impeded!!! All directed by a focused mind !!! Very lethal stuff!!! I can finally perform 108 mins of holding yoga postures. I can do this without losing control of my breathing patterns or losing focus upon them. This means I precede transitions with my breath and not just have it respond to my movement. This is the perfecting of isometric, isomorphic and aerobic Union. The effect is having enough self control to.. not be controlled by another with them becoming over tense, over extended or over exerted. When they do their breath, structure and movement is taxed to the point of collapse. They can be attracted into emptiness… they can be swept!!’

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