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Jul 17, 2020

Hello Good People of Eastern Tennessee. This is a part of the training y’all receive at the Temple Underground. We develop discipline through An emphasis on Breathing, Yoga, Interval Strength Training, Grappling and Boxing. These activities are performance enhancing exercises that transfer into activities outside of the Martial Arts gym. Essentially, after a month of 4 Day a week sessions we start to see a significant improvement in physical, mental and emotional focus and control.

We are a performance enhancement facility that uses martial energetic exercises to help people reach their fuller potential. Essentially, we teach you the science of consciously reaching a Flow State.

If you have not seen the videos take a look at these links. The first is an old man 20-30 years older than the people he is training. And he takes them on two at a time. The last one is skilled and is knocked down many times. The old guy is near 60 and is hardly breathing hard. He is in a flow state. We teach you this.

The second vid is the same old man in a submission fight. He is almost 20 years older and 20 lbs lighter than his opponent. He completely controls him and then submits him so lethally the Ref scrambles to stop it. The younger opponent is out of breath and completely dumbfounded because he knows he was the stronger of the two. The old man is hardly breathing at all. He was in a flow state.

It just so happens that the hard work pays off in other aspects of life. You will have more energy at the job. You will be more driven and focused. As you learn to connect the mind and the body through conscious breath and motion, you find better ways to connect to others in your world.

It is my hope that you see this video and find interest in our program. We thank you so much for viewing this page. Be well!!!!

US Army Ranger (Ret) Jee Singh, MSIR., M Ed.
Head Coach & Owner, Temple Underground

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