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Mar 16, 2020

Drillers are Killers....

It’s an old saying that really has everything to do with attitude. My son and I are proven fighters. What we were told to do by our Profession Samuel Braga of #GracieBarraknoxville is to perfect five things:

Breath, Posture, Position, Control and Transition

That is exactly what we do. For 6 Nine Min rounds we flow drill. What is that mean to us? We practice the five things mentioned above as fluidly as we can. The continuous element is water. The momentary element is fire. The element of least resistance is Heaven and the element of resistance is Earth.

Water is transition. Fire is Submission. Heaven is never resisting. Earth is never releasing. Control not an element. It is not a projected force. It is an energy of self focus, self restraint and self confidence in the ability to respond properly and timely to any attack with a neutralizing skill.

We try to never control the opponent until it wants to be controlled. When that happens it is time to submit them. Until that time the only thing we seek to control is ourselves. Specifically controlling our affect behavior.... our attitude about domination and seeking to win or worrying about losing. We seek the Daneger philosophy because we train for the enemy we have not met yet .. and know that the greatest enemy will always be ourselves seeking gratification of a fleeting moment.

This over the more important vision. The vision of a plan that involves a vision of where one will be in five or more years .... the vision one can barely see but has faith they will achieve... of their drill.... if they flow.... of they now to the inner teacher that says slow it down and perfect the simplicity of follow, link, adhere, stick to never release or resist and attract the inner and outer enemy into emptiness... and leave him or her there.

Drill flow for nine mins.... Mace Swing, Slamball Burpee, Stick and Scarf Regimens ... for starters opening with Yoga and Taiji and ending with them. This is where the invisible powers develop, grow and become formidable.

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