Apr 21, 2023

Unlock your full potential with the trifecta of movement prep exercises: the knee drop, half frogger stretch and dorsum squat. 🦾 These three exercises are the perfect way to build strength + mobility as well as warm up your muscles and prepare for an intense workout ahead. By incorporating these movements into your training, you’ll increase your strength + mobility, enhance your flexibility, increase blood flow, activate your muscles, and get your mind in the zone. Think of it as oiling the engine before revving it up! ⛽️ And let’s not forget the added bonus of using them as a decompression or cool-down workout. By releasing tension and promoting increased blood flow, you’ll enhance your recovery, prevent injury and improve your athletic performance. So whether you’re winding down after a tough session or gearing up for the next one, these movements have got you covered. Who’s ready to try this and end the week strong? #hipmobility #mobilitytraining #flexibility #strength #athleticperformance #longevity #phasesix

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