Temple Underground Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jan 7, 2023

Temple Underground Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Weekly Training Schedule

The most complete Jiu Jitsu Program in Morristown Tn and it’s nearby surrounding Towns. USA (Olympic) Boxing and International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu standards of training to competence in competition or Self defense.

We produce Champions … We are Champions

Woman’s BJJ Class: 9am-10:30am, Mon/We’d

Monday - Thursday

Kids Class: 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Adult Classes: 6pm - 8:30
(Boxing and Conditioning 6pm-7pm)
(Grappling and Submission 7pm - 8:30pm)

Friday - Personal Training Day

(30 min to 1 Hour Appointments)

Saturday: 3-5pm

Instructor Credentials

Brown Belt under Profesor Mike Allen. Rank Verified by IBJJF and Beltchecker Review

IBJJF World Heavyweight Champion (M7, No Gi)
5 x IBJJF (Gi/NoGi) Pan American Champion
3 x IBJJF (GI) Master Worlds Silver Medalist

Instructor Martial Art Credentials :

Gurjot Khalsa Singh, M Ed. MSIR
US Army Retired NCO, Ranger & Drill/SERE Instr.
USA Boxing Coach, Judge & Referee Certified
Miss. & Tenn State Boxing/MMA License
IBJJF & Beltchecker Cert. Blue, Purple, Brownbelt
American Tai Chi & Qigong Association Certified
Bardos of Jujizu: Journey of a Black Walker
Temple Underground Association Co-Owner

2020, 21, 22 IBJJF Mid/Heavyweight/Absolute Gi/NoGi, Master Div 7, Pan American & Master World
5 x Gold, 3 x Silver, 1 x Bronze, Ranked 2nd and 3rd in IBJJF Division 7 Purple Belt Gi and No Gi

Post Grad Edu. Sport Psychology (2012)
Post Grad Instructional Systems (2003-05)
Master of Education (2000-02)
Master of International Relations (1997-99)
Bachelors of Science, Afro History & Spanish Ed.

USA Boxing Certified Coach, Referee, Judge
American Grappling Federation and Goodfight Goodfight Submission Only LLC Staff/Ref
ATCQC Certified Master Instructor
Black Dragon Fighting Society Master Instructor
Blackbelt in Kickboxing under Spider Hempfield

1976-77 HS & Junior College Wrestling
1982 US Army Ranger Wrestling/Boxing Team
1982 Fort Lewis Wrestling 2 x Bronze Medal
1986-89 Kun Tao Silat
1993 - 2010 Chinese Kempo Yang Taijiquan
2006-2010 Owner/Chief Instructor Angels Gym
2008 Coached SE Regional Kickboxing Champ
2009 Coached SE Regional kickboxing Champ
2009 Coached NC Muay Thai Champ
2009 Head Coach 10 USA Boxing Tournament Wins
2010 Head Coach 10 MMA Pro Ammy wins
2010 Militich Student of Josh Neers, Des Moines MMA Academy
2010-11 Wu Taijiquan & Pranayama Yoga Student of Sifu Don Walth and Yogin Khadi Madama
2012 Des Moines BJJ Student, WMAC Master Instructor of Internal Boxing Recognition
2012-13 Post Grad Studies in Sport Psychology
2013 Inductee of Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Member of US Grandmasters Council
2013-14 YMCA Taijiquan, Cycling, Kickboxing and Yoga Trainer and Health Advisor,
2015 Gracie Barra Greenville Buddy Morgan
2018 Gi and No Gi GoodFight 2x Gold and Silver
2019 Blue Belt awarded under Samual Braga
2019 IBJJF Atlanta Spring Open 2x Champ
2020 IBJJF Rated Division 6 Top Five Master Gi
2020 IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open Champion
2020 Pans Gi Middle/Absolute Champion
2020 Pans Master 7 Division N/Gi Middle Champ, Silver Absolute
2020 (Oct) Awarded Purple Belt under Sam Braga
2020 IBJJF Master Worlds Gi 2 x Silver Medal
2021 IBJJF Atlanta Open Master Division 5, Gi -N/Gi Mid-Heavyweight and Absolute Champion
2021 NAGA Senior Executive (60+) Champion Belt
2021 IBJJF Master Worlds Gi Silver/Bronze Medal
2021 IBJJF Master Division 7 Ranked 8th
2022 IBJJF Master Div 7 Pan Am Mid Heavyweight and Absolute Champion (Purple Belt)
2022 NAGA Virginia State Championship Pro Series Executive, Light Heavyweight Belt Champion
2022 IBJJF Master 7 (No Gi) World Heavyweight Champion

Personal BJJ Competition Awards: 2018-22
Gold Medals - 17
Silver - 10
Bronze - 3

2022 - IBJJF World No Gi Champion & NAGA NC StTe Pro Champion

2022 IBJJF Master Div 7 Pan Am Mid Heavyweight and Absolute Champion (Purple Belt)

2021 -
Master World Silver/Bronze Medalist
NAGA Senior Executive Pro Series Belt
IBJJF (Master Div 5) Mid Heavy/Absolute Champ

2020 -
IBJJF PanAm Midweight/Absolute Gi/NGi Champ
IBJJF Atlanta Open Master 6, Midweight Champ

2019 -
Atlanta and Nashville Winter and Fall Open Midweight/Absolute Champ

MMA/BJJ/Boxing Coaching Stats: 2018-2021

MMA Highlight- Valor 2 x Heavyweight Champ, CFP Champ, PA MMA Champ.

15 Wins
5 Losses

Boxing Highlight - USA Boxing Tennessee Champ. Invitation to US PreOlympic Boxing Trials. Coach for Tennessee Boxing Team. Pro Fight victory resulting in Fighter being invited to Showtime Pro Boxing. Active USA Boxing Judge and Referee.

BJJ Highlights - 41 Medals won in 2021.


Gold Medals - 60
Silver Medals - 78
Bronze - 11

Total Medals - 160+

Military/ Martial Art/MMA/BJJ Publications:

A New Noon: The Religion of Jiu Jitsu
Check this out!

Bardos of Jujizu: A Journey of a Black Walker

Western Long Boxing: Tao of Ten Gated Changes

The Art of Western Tai Chi Ch'uan: The Supreme Ultimate & Sweet Science of Boxing with 10 Limbs

US Army Sniper Program (AKA) Jeff Davis

Training & Coaching History (2009 - Present):

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