Sep 13, 2022

Our Jiu Jitsu works on what the Gracie’s designed it for….. matching the Capoeira Skill sets. But of course that is the Portuguese mispronounced word Kipura. The Palmares Kingdom of Bantu Warriors practiced this craft of striking and grappling. But there is a difference between Jiu Jitsu striking and grappling… and Kipura Striking and grappling. The latter was made for those who would be weaker than their opponent. The former was made for the stronger. They both have one thing in common. The Art was made to aid the practitioner to survive violent attacks.

We combine the ways. Kipura comes from the spirit within me. That’s why always the drums. Always the dance. Always the seeking to commune with Kabula!!! Why??? They are my ancestor energy. When they and I come together we get the strength of all the lives that made mine possible. Only an equal energy force can withstand against it.

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