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Mar 9, 2019

Mental Gaming - Dominant Position Options to Submission

Option 1 - control lapel and leg to stand and break guard. Knee slice pass to half guard and push down leg to knee while pressuring the head. Then side mount or mount after freeing leg. For Side mount do setups for Kimora or Americana by distracting with choke attacks with ever steady pressure on the head. Beware of base shifting

Option 2 - Belt grip press hips and extend buttocks to break grip. Professor Cates guard pass to side control. Professor Morgan’s setup for Arm bar. Use Professor Braga Kimora trap to set it up if met with strong resistance.... lots of pressure on the head in north south. Go for the arm bar and then if he exerts to escape roll with him to face down, extend the legs.... reverse arm bar lock.

Option 3 - use either grip to break guard and either guard pass to side control. If he tries to us open guard attacks get to your feet and posture and squat up. Get both arms around the thighs and gable grip to pull the legs in .... then use Professor Cate guard pass to side control. If he snags ya in half guard stabilize posture defending the sweep. Use the on feet head down to get knee above leg grip.... then Slide into arm drag head and chest control neck tie position. Either go for the chest crush submission or the arm triangle submission. If stopped go for knee on belly to arm bar or if challenged slide into leg triangle submission ....

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