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Mar 9, 2019

Mental Gaming Takedown Options

Option 1 - connect at the collar lapels. Push back and leg trip. If he negates then Drop left or right hand to sleeve and pull them leg sweep. Take side control.

Option 2 - If leg sweep fails switch directions and go for hip throw after switching collar and sleeve grips. If that fails step back and do an inside sweep and wizzer to cross face ... go for side control orbknee on belly.

Option 3 - go for leg sweep in Option 1 and if fail... Arm drag and go for control of waist and knee bump to side control. If that fails drop to knee and go for a single leg takedown to half guard.

Option 4 - grab lapel and sleeve then pull to guard. If possible pull an arm across your body and lock it down ... then go for leg triangle ... If he bends forward and straightens arms go for leg triangle.

Option 5 - if he goes for leg takedown then sprawl then crossface or wizzer to get to the side while he is on knees...... reach across waist and scoot back pulling him on his side towards you.... Take side control and go for Kimora trap.

Option 6 - he goes for leg takedown. Squat and then get root to set up the Go for Kimora trap. If that is negated push head to the side and grasp lapel behind neck and grab outside leg and force him down and open. Spread knees and force your lead knee to the ground. Then work the Kimora trap. Roll him to tap out.

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