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This book introduces Trainers and Fighters to the philosophy and application of Western Tai Chi Ch'uan for Amateur Fighting Competitors. Western Tai Chi Ch'uan is the merging of its 13 Strategies into the basic tactics of Western Boxing, Kickboxing and Grappling. The result is an Amateur Fighter with a savage and intimidating defense and a calculated and deliberate offense. You will learn the essential principles, objectives and obstacles of an Amateur Fighting Competitor, including breathing techniques, proper understanding of form and function, intense multi-discipline sparring techniques, and the practical use of meditation processes. Also included is a section for Trainers, with an example of a complete course outline as well as a section that presents classical Tai Chi treatise and definitive striking points on the human anatomy. Producing over 20 (Amateur) champions from 2007 to 2009 at the State and Regional levels, Western Tai Chi Ch'uan is emerging as a dynamic and effective fighting system used for Martial Art competition in the Southeast Region of the United States.

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This is a book of mental, physical and emotional empowerment through martial energetics. It is based on a simple postulate: Change the individual and change the world. This book provides a process to do this through ten stages of Vedic and Taoist, Stilling and Moving Meditation. Nine stages get you there and the tenth is when modal behavior transforms into modal reality. In such a state of being you can affect things most can not and you are not affected by things that others can not avoid. Western Long Boxing's Ten Gated Change process is the expansion of the "martial energetic" principles of the author's first book: Art of Western Tai Chi Chuan.

**Official Book Review received 3 out of 4 stars**

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Our Adepts, Our Artists, Our Music and Our Minds.. .Growing like a mountain, uprooting obstacles while reaching ever for the sky (Ripski, "Breakthroughs" Show). We Grow together!!! This is our Kung Fu and it is Strong.... Follow Gsingh of Temple Underground Magazine & Journal, the World Martial Arts College and Tai Chi Connection, as he interviews lifetime cultivators of the Vedic and Taoist healing and pugilistic alchemy. See the integration of Martial Music led by the genius of Kmal through the "Anima Must Animus Trust" revolution in Martial Radio Sound: Where the Heart of a True Warrior... Beats with Tracks4Me!!!! Together we will explore the modalities of the Yoga, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Neigong (internal cultivation), Qigong, Pranayama, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tao Yin. Temple Underground Radio personalities are the stuff of future legend.

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