Combat Sport Program History


Angel's Gym was the birthplace of Western Long Boxing. Its infant name was Western Tai Chi Chuan: The fusing of the Internal Boxing strategies of Taiji Quan integrated with Western Pugilistic striking and grappling. By 2011 the method and Gym had produced over 30 pro and amateur combat sports victors, contenders and champions.

Angel's Gym closed in 2011 when the Singh Family had to move from the area. During that time the weaknesses of Professor Singh's system needed to be strengthened. He had to become better at internal alchemy. This weakness meant he had to dedicate himself to studying Wu Taiji Quan, Grappling under UFC Veteran Josh Neers and verifying progress in his Ashtanga Yoga practice of Asanas (Vedic Taoist Postures) and Pranayama (Vedic Taoist Breathing). He became competent in the basics of Qigong Dynamic Movements and Wu Style armed and unarmed Martial Form.

To get a better understanding of the advanced spiraling movements, he created the first Western version of a Taiji Quan Wooden Dummy and learned to apply lessons learned in more realistic ways.

Then the hard part came. Professor Singh had to master the breath-the essence of internal alchemy.  He had to learn and then teach it. Professor Singh had to be an example of how it can make an old man move like a young one through its practice. In the comeback, he had to heal through internal alchemy which included Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments.

In time Professor Singh began to become dominant against the youth.

He started to overcome professional teachers.

It was time to open a newer version of Angel's Gym. It would be called:

Traditional Taiji Quan armed and unarmed skills had to be felt by peers for the authenticity of the foundation.

The alchemy practices needed to be explained.

The book Western Long Boxing: Tao of Ten Gated Changes needed to be published and released. It is very well reviewed on Amazon and the 

Its predecessor began to pick up interest in the Western Hemisphere and Europe.

The Art of Western Tai Chi Ch'uan

After training an MMA fighter, we helped him become a two-time Heavyweight Champion.  A regional online MMA magazine featured the gym in one of its articles.


In less than a year our school racked up wins in MMA and Boxing again. Our trophy case is filling up.

We are beginning to enter grappling competitions to support our competitive boxing training better.
But everything we do is on the breath.

As we grow, our family of members and fans grow.

We train Champions of all ages in the gym and life. 

We are the Temple Underground.




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